Our Story

Every weave has a story.

Welcome to Tanoti, where style meets storytelling. Founded by designer Apurva Rajpurkar, Tanoti crafts a blend of loungewear and Indianwear, all infused with a labor of love. Each piece carries a unique vision and a captivating narrative woven into its fabric. We pour our passion into every stitch, hoping that you'll adore our products as much as we cherish creating them. Join us on this journey where fashion becomes an art of expression and every garment holds a cherished tale.


Hey there! I'm Apurva Rajpurkar, a fashion design graduate from NIFT Mumbai. Crafting art with profound meaning has always been my passion. Since 2012, Tanoti has been a dream in the making. After gathering experience with various retail and designer brands, I've embarked on my journey to explore this world on my terms. I'm deeply passionate about what I do, and I hope to fill your wardrobe with the unique pieces of Tanoti that I love creating!